TopShow3D | Bespoke solution for automated and robotized creation of FULL3D photography, multiaxis 3D product presentation, 360° product pictures and spin images, 2D packdhots and videos.



Innovative, fully automated, modular, hardware + software system for creating interactive Virtual Reality / 3D /360° product presentations / 2D packshots and product videos.

The world's only hardware + software system for creating Virtual Reality content, honored with PMA Retailer HOT PICKS during Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Las Vegas, USA.
+ no licensing fee + innovative, open, modular system + automated movement for multi-axis 3D and flycam
+ PC/Mac compability + unique automated arc stand for 3D/360/2D/VIDEO + easy to use thanks to ALL-IN-ONE software
+ only one camera required + FAST START function – 1 button activation + plug & play fully automated photo studio
+ automated background removal module + integrated lighting travels with the camera + pure white and/or shadowless spins/pictures quality

TopShow3D is a unique tool with width range of output-formats from single .jpg picture to immersive Virtual Reality product presentations. Applied technology guarantee to play interactive content not only on PCs, Macs, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones but also on newest VR headsets / VR goggles but also on newest VR headsets / VR goggles.

TopShow3D sets are essential tools and FULL3D/3D/360° presentations are essential stageto create Virtual Reality content.

Everyone visits a grocery and look at real products, right? Why bring this experience to online customers? That’s where we come in. TopShow3D is a fully automated system do for creating pVirtual Reality presentations, FULL3D/3D product presentations, 360 spins, 2D photography and products videos. TopShow3D systems make it possible to generate 3D/360 presentation of various objects from small items, to people, and even cars. Depending on your personal needs we can offer you options of a number of dedicated solutions.

Thanks to the systems modular construction we customize and build a custom solution just for your application. Our innovative, unique and patented automated camera carriage movement makes it possible to create VR/FULL3D/3D/360° presentation with use of SINGLE CAMERA. This decreases cost and increases ROI. If you would like your customers to engage with your products, raise sales and reduce returns.VR/FULL3D/3D/360° presentation is the future of e-commerce! Give your Customers the opportunity to interact with your products online in 3D. Your customers will be able to rotate products side to side on the x-axis, view up and down the y-axis, zoom in on products, and watch them in full screen and click hotspots to see the object functionalities.

About us

"Make Products that Others Want to Imitate"

Tokuji Hayakawa, Sharp Founder

About COOP

We are global operating technological company and provider of an innovative 3D/360 solutions. We set standards in our branch.
As inventor and the world's only provider we offer fully automated, modular TopShow3D® system for scanning and creating of 3D/360 interactive products presentations (based on constant white light) and 3D models (RE - based on structured light).

We provide customized, fully automated solutions for 3D/360 that suits customers needs. Our main customers are companies from Europe (Germany, Austria, Holland, Poland) and North America (USA, Canada) but of course we support sales worldwide. During CES 2013 LAS VEGAS, USA our TopShow3D system was adarded with "2013 PMA RETAILER HOT PICS LAS VEGAS"!

3D Idea

Yes, we are geek's - thats why in early 2010 we came tio the idea - let's make 3D! We merged interdisciplinary knowledge of ours mechatronics, robotics designers, programmers and image processing specialists with the newest science achievements. We are evolving to provide perfect TopShow3D® solutions for fast, efficient and high quality creating of 3D/360 animations/presentations. All this combined with optimal economical and practical factor for user. We do cooperate at domestic and international level with research units and also gathering knowlegde of respected programmers from Germany, Austria and Great Britain.

We have developed and implemenmted patented modular TopShow3D® system for self creation of 3D and 360 animations/presentations/photography. Main project goals:
- system capability - a range of products based on one idea, working as stand-alone or grouped devices
- modularity - functional devices in system compatible with each-other
- open system - ability to development and work with various systems or software: ALL-IN_ONE or MODULAR WAY
- flexibility - matching needs requirements
- quality - the best components
- affordability - fast return on investment

In accordance with Total Quality Management we trat our Customer needs as individual challenges. Thats why we fit specific devices from wide range of TopShow3D® system to your specific needs. If the main offer is not sufficient, our R+D will design and build special device. It doesn't matter if the object is 5mm insect or 3m sofa.

We set standards

We intorduced solutions and novelty that became a pattern for other companies form our industry.
We put the following technical innovations into practice:

- 2010 - multichannel aluminium profiles
- 2010 - arc stand for 3D images/photos/animtions
- 2011 - automated camera carriage movement on arc stand - affordable, modular solution for creating 3D presentations/photography with the use of single camera
- 2012 - TopShow3D® COMPACT - compact photostudio equipped with arc stand and fully automated camera and light source movement at arc
- 2012 - TopShow3D® MOBILE - solution for 360 degree images/spins/phots of large objects, f.e cars
- 2012 - TopShow3D® FASHION - set dedicated for fashion industry, scanning of accessories as well models/mannequins
- 2013 - TopShow3D® PHOTOTABLE - dedicated photo table for creating 3D/360 animation/spin/photography
- 2013 - module TopShow3D® RAPID PROTOTYPING SET - structural light scanning solution with possible implementation to constant white light sets
- 2013 - unique "free end" arc stand used for updated sets like COMPACT, PHOTOTABLE, CLASSIC
- 2014 - TopShow3D® FULL3D - fully automated solution for creating full-sphere FULL3D animations of insects, designed and build for the Canadian Department of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC)
- 2014 - new TRANSPARENT versions of TopShow3D® COMPACT and PHOTOTABLE - equipped with full automated transparent turntable for shadowless 3D/360/2D images/animations/packshots/photos/presentations
- 2015 - TopShow3D® MINITABLE - new device equipped with transparent turntable for highest shadowless quality 3D/360/2D pictures/animations/videos


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